Streamline your trial data-keeping with Scorekeeper

Automate the process of keeping score for pilots and trials. With a cloud-hosted solution, you can create, launch, and iterate templates without wasting time or effort.


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Record, Evaluate & Analyse Individual Trial Score Data

With our customisable templates suitable for your business and process requirements, you'll never waste time on manual data entry again. We've made it easy to create, launch and iterate templates for new product trials.

The platform for successful Pilot and Trial Templates

Recording, evaluating, analysing and reporting of pilot and trial scores have never been easier. Scorekeeper is a web-based application that provides a platform to record Pilot and Trial score data and upload photos in one place.

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Know where to go

Whether you're in the market for a new product or looking at potential opportunities, knowing where to go is key to success. With Scorekeeper, you can add pilot locations, drag and drop pins on google map, import photos from your phone or other devices, and collect data in one place. And when it comes time for launching your next trial location, the built-in location tool will make it easy.

Track your data, analyse it and make decisions

Create an efficient process with access to all of your data in one place and evaluate your Pilot & Trial results in a fast-paced environment. With the Scorekeeper platform, you can track your data, analyse it and make decisions to produce better results for your business.

Stay on top of your Pilot and Trial process without the hassle